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Agui - 阿貴 ??? - 214 King of the Xingguo people [興國氐] in Liang province. With Yang Qianwan [楊千萬], the king of the Baiqing people [百頃氐], he formed an alliance with Ma Chao [馬超] against Cao Cao [曹操] in 213 CE. A year later, after loosing the Battle of Tong Pass [潼關之戰], he was killed in a raid by Xiahou Yuan's [夏侯淵] forces.

Ahuinan - 阿會喃 ??? - 225 Fictional subordinate of Meng Huo. He was dispatched with Jinhuansanjie [金環三結] and Dongtuna [董荼那] to resist the invading forces of Zhuge Liang [諸葛亮]. He is later executed by Meng Huo after concerns are raised of his potential defection to Shu.

Aluoduo - 阿羅多 ??? - ??? A Xianbei chief, he led attacks on the Jin borders in the late 270s. A colonel named Ma Xun [馬循] was dispatched to deal with Aluoduo and was successful, killing 4000 and capturing 9000 Xianbei warriors. Aluoduo surrendered to Ma Xun not long after his defeat.

Aluopan - 阿羅槃 ??? - ??? Wuhuan nobleman and younger brother of the chieftain Kouloudun [寇婁敦]. In 237 CE, after the surrender of the Wuhuan tribes of Liaoxi (West Liao), he was sent to pay tribute to the Cao Wei court.

Anwei - 岸尾 ??? - 167 A tribal leader of the Qiang people. With the help of another leader, Mobie, he assembled a small army to raid the surroundings of Chang'an, but were quickly stopped and killed by Zhang Huan's [張奐] officers Yin Duan [尹端] and Dong Zhuo [董卓].

Ba Zhi (c. Jingzu) - 巴祇 [敬祖] ??? - ??? Inspector of Xuzhou after being the Inspector of Yangzhou for a couple of years, he helped suppress the Yellow Scarves uprising in Xuzhou. He also praised the good deeds of Zhao Yu, then a local leader in Xuzhou. Ba Zhi had the reputation of being a very generous and modest man.

Bai Rao - 白繞 ??? - ??? One of the many leaders of the Black Mountains Bandits (黑山賊). In 191 CE, with Yu Du [於毒] and Sui Gu [眭固], he took part in a massive offensive against Wei [魏郡] and Dong [東郡] commanderies. Wang Gong [王肱], the prefect of Dong, was unable to resist them. Cao Cao [曹操], then a rising power who had his own personal army after the failed Guandong Coalition, viewed this as an opportunity to baptize his troops and make a name for himself. He defeated the bandit armies and as a reward was given the official position of Administrator of Dong commandery. Bai Rao's fate is unknown.

Baihuwen - 白虎文 ??? - ??? A chief among the Hu people [胡] (Qiang, Xianbei, Xiongnu) in Liang province [涼州]. With another Hu chief named Zhiwudai [治無戴], he rebelled against the Cao Wei state in 247 CE. They were defeated by Guo Huai and forced to retreat into Shu Han held territory where they quickly surrendered to Jiang Wei. In 270-71, Baihuwen and Yaolanni [药兰泥] joined Tufa Shujineng [禿髮樹機能] rebellion. They attacked and killed the inspector of Qin province [秦州], Hu Lie [胡烈], and later repeated the same achievement against the inspector of Liang province, Qian Hong [牽弘].